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Positive barrel lock-up allows for superior accuracy out-of-the-box. Oversized ejection port and extended magazine release enhance competition performance.SR40c, SR9c, SR-556C, SR-556E, SR22, Ruger American Rifle, Power Bedding, Ruger Marksman Adjustable. (Ruger SR9C Accuracy). 116136 883 1027. : FateofDestinee.Is The Ruger SR9C Better Than The >>. Rugers New SR9c Compact Pistol Up-Close and Personal. Ruger SR9c Compact Pistol Black Finish. Ruger. Southport, CT -( Ruger recently announce the Ruger SR9c compact pistol, the first extension in the SR9 striker-fired pistol family. The SR9 was a new design for Ruger, being a polymer frame striker-fired pistol, but the slim 9mm pistol was a big hit with handgun buyers, and the one that I tested shot very well. It fit my hand, was comfortable to shoot, and functioned perfectly. Ruger SR9C 3313 Pistol 9mm 3.5 inch 17rd Stainless 9mm Capacity 101 Barrel 4.14 Semi-auto, striker-fired Ambidextrous manual safety mag release. I have a ruger SR9 and I love it. Dead accurate Read the Ruger manual, Ruger has no warranty! Justin, The Ruger SR9c uses a double recoil spring therefore it is more difficult to retract the slide than larger pistols that employ a single recoil spring.Thanks for all the comments on the SR9C, going to the range tomorrow to test and hopefully buy! Although I didnt show any groups using the other ammo, I got similar results with accuracy. I wouldnt consider this a competition pistol, but I do plan on getting some match ammo in the future and shooting from a rest to seeOverall, Im very pleased with the range test results for the Ruger SR9c pistol. Ruger SR9 versus Glock 19 Mud TestRuger SR9C Accuracy. Ruger SR9C Accuracy.

People Who Liked This Video Also Liked.Ram2k12: If you need a suggestion for some more .22 target guns, (we would like to see you test, yes bench rest and optical, not like offhand tests others call accuracy tests) the model 41, and browninc challenger, or medalist SR9, SR9e. People Who Liked This Video Also Liked.Tsquare28: Which is more accurate the sd9ve or the ruger. Damien Rotter: Trying to decide between a Ruger 9 E or a Canik tp9sf. Quick Ruger sr9c review and holsters.

Wanted to do a quick little video around one of my favorite everyday carry guns, the SR9C.I walk away from this test very impressed with the overall feel and accuracy of the pistol. Dec 01, 2009 This is a discussion on SR9 accuracy issues within the Ruger Pistols forums, ruger sr9 accuracy test, ruger sr9 ballistics, ruger sr9 shoots to the rightRuger SR9c Review Part 5 reliable and capable of accuracy Comments to the video: Ruger SR9C Accuracy.If you need a suggestion for some more.22 target guns, (we would like to see you test, yes bench rest and optical, not like offhand tests others call accuracy tests) the model 41, and browninc challenger, or medalist, come to mind. This is a discussion on New SR9c First Range Report!!! within the Ruger Pistols forums, part of the Pistol Revolver Forum category Hi guys, I finally had a chance to take my newly purchased brand new SR9c to a range to test for both function and accuracy. I review the Ruger American Rifle chambered for 7mm08. CHECK OUT PART TWO WITH ACCURACY IMPROVEMENTS HERE ups and some real downs revealed themselves in testing the Ruger Gunsite Scout. Range Time Rugers SR9c proved to be quite accurate with a variety of combat proven loads. The SR9c proved to be an outstanding performer on the range. I tested the compact for accuracy by bench resting it at 25 yards and shooting at Birchwood Caseys Dirty Bird bullseye targets. In this video, I put a few rounds through the Ruger SR9c to report on how the pistol fires and functions. We shoot from four different short, self defense Пистолет SR9c был разработан компанией Sturm, Ruger Co Inc. на основе полноразмерной модели SR9 и представлен в январе 2010 года. Автоматика работает по схеме использования отдачи при коротком ходе ствола. Ruger SR9C Accuracy. What do you think about this video?Ram2k12: If you need a suggestion for some more .22 target guns, (we would like to see you test, yes bench rest and optical, not like offhand tests others call accuracy tests) the model 41, and browninc challenger, or medalist, come to mind. Similar Videos. Ruger SR9cThe Ordinary Average Guy Gun Channel/travisp11 » Videos » Ruger 9e accuracy test and range report. SR9, SR9e. The precision and accuracy with these guns has been great for all three of us.While I admit my Ruger bias Ill go beyond the rhetoric cause were bettin our lives on the Ruger SR9 and SR9c Centerfire Pistols Ruger SR9c. By Dave Spaulding - Last updated: Thursday, September 16, 2010 - Save Share.I tested the it for accuracy by bench resting it at 25 yards with some of the most street proven 9mm loads. We tested Rugers SR9 pistol in our December 2007 issue. The SR9 fit 17 rounds of 9mm into a frame that was narrow enough to belong to a 1911-style pistol.Accuracy and chronograph data. Springfield Armory XDM 3.8 XDM9389BHC 9mm. Ruger SR9C KSR9C/3313 9mm. Ruger SR9 versus Glock 19 Mud Test: [Watch in 1080p] Having noticed a recent trend of competitive (sub-400) pricing with the Ruger SR9, James, a former SR9 owner, buys an SR9 again to revisit the platform. The Ruger SR series are a line of semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Sturm, Ruger Company. At 1.18 in (30.0 mm) thick through the grip, it is touted by Ruger as one of the thinnest double-stack pistols available. Optic Mount for Ruger SR9, SR9c ,SR40 ,SR40c and SR45 Pistols. This trick mount goes in the factory SR rear sight slot.This allows for a low cost buy in and the option to use whatever mini optic you wish. Our test unit is a Jpoint and has proved to be a great choice. SR9c and SR40 are Sturm, Ruger trademarks.Bore fouling can contribute to reduced accuracy, and grease accumulation in the chamber can interfere with proper feeding of cartridges from the magazine. 2010 Handgun of the Year. 4.5-inch stainless steel barrel sleeve is kept in place by a tension nut, ensuring the same great accuracy and reliability of the Ruger 22/45 line.It utilizes the time-tested Ruger 10/22 action and its superbly reliable rotary magazine and Chronograph testing a SR9 pistol with various cartridge loadings produced the following results:[4].This is a discussion about Ruger SR-Series. Concerns about the topic, its accuracy, inclusion of information etc. should be discussed here. Ill report back when testing is complete. In the meantime, check out the description and the photos that follow.

56 comments on Accuracy Tips For The Ruger 1. I like the Glock. Got a Blackhawk Serpa holster for it. Working on improving my shooting accuracy consistency before I CC. I want to do everything I should do be preparedGot my Ruger sr9c dlc talo version man if thr sr9c is s3xy this talo with dlc coating is super sexy!!! Cant wait to test fire!!!! Up front, and like the Ruger SR9, I will tell you that if you should consider the Ruger SR9c as a home or personal defense firearm, it would be worth considering. Now, let me spend some of your time telling you why. А тут события в жизни так развернулись, что вчера я стал обладателем пистолета Ruger SR9C.Сделаны они почему-то в Италии. Странно, вроде бы уж настолько американская компания, как Ругер, а тут Италия. Ruger SR9C Accuracy Ruger SR9 Centerfire Pistol Mod, Ruger Firea, Rugers New SR9 Striker-Fired Lightweight 9mm Auto , Rugers Improvements to the SR9 Auto Pistol -, Ruger SR9 and SR40 Centerfire Pistols : Cabelas, Ruger58Ruger ARX Ammo Test: Gimmick or Legit? Crimson Trace Lasers for Ruger LCR and Ruger SR9. By Randy Wakeman.Thus, I chose two handguns that have been superlative performers for me as test subjects: the Ruger LCR .38 Special P five-shot revolver and the Ruger SR9 17-shot 9mm pistol. Gun Test: Rugers Precision Rifle Is on the Mark Available in 7.62mm/.308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and .243 Winchester, Rugers Precision Rifle comes with a left-side Remington 700 vs Ruger Precision Rifle 308win Accuracy Test - Duration: 6:38. Ruger Sr9c Leather Concealed Iwb Holster 100 Made In U.s.a.14.49Lasermax Lms-rmsr Red Rail Mounted Laser For Ruger Sr22 Sr9c Sr40c - Black. 83.70. The Best Laser Sights for Ruger SR9c. The Ruger SR9c is a great value in a handgun. What will make it even better is a good laser sight.Battery life. Ok, so let me explain. You want a laser sight for your Ruger SR9c to be made of decent polymer or aluminum parts. Love the gun. 100rds of winchester at a tactical practice for CC. Accurate to 15yds one or 2 hand. Very managable recoil. Nice trigger.I really thought I had a perfect carry with the Ruger SR9c but being the test dummy inside a 2 month period from Oct 4th-Dec.4th, 2010 I believe it is time to move on. 1. Ruger 9e accuracy test and range report. SR9, SR9e.The Ruger SR9 is a semi-automatic pistol and is a striker fired hand gun made by Sturm, Ruger Co Inc. I also decided that I would test The Ruger SR9C comes with a pretty standard set of items which at this time are geared to pretty smart inclusion.The factory ammo I used to test the SR9C was Remington UMC target and Winchester USA target/range. Then there was the usual test stopper. ARMSLIST - For Sale/Trade: Ruger SR9C or SR40 in black ONLY.p95 accuracy vs the more expensive - Page 2 - Ruger Forum. Ruger SR9c Review. Patrick Sweeney March 2nd, 2010 | More From Patrick Sweeney.When the Ruger SR9 was introduced, I went to the range with a crew of willing volunteers and proceeded to thrash it royally. Ruger SR9c. Perfectly Sized To Be Comfortable And Controllable. Unique reversible backstrap (flat or arched) that allows shooters to quickly customize the size and feel of the grip, without the use of separate inserts or special tools. Ruger SR9c Pistol Price and Where to Buy. The SR9c is still being produced today, and purchasing one is easy.Accessories are meant to improve your target acquisition and accuracy. Anything else is considered tacticool and cosmetic. These also have a place, of course, but I consider them Пистолет Ругер Ruger SR9 SR9c SR40 SR40c SR45 (США).Последним по времени членом семейства пистолетов Ругер серии SR стал полноразмерный пистолет SR45 калибра .45АСР, выпущенный в 2013 году. Ruger SR9c Review Part 5 - Range Testing February 27, 2011. reliable and capable of accuracy, then it should not be considered as a true defense weapon. We are your Ruger SR9, SR40, SR9c, SR40c, SR22, SR45 and LC9, LCP performance parts source. As well as the source for Smith and Wesson, Sig, Kel-Tec, Taurus, and Glock pistol performance parts. Ruger SR9C Accuracy. People Who Liked This Video Also Liked.Ram2k12: If you need a suggestion for some more .22 target guns, (we would like to see you test, yes bench rest and optical, not like offhand tests others call accuracy tests) the model 41, and browninc challenger, or medalist All ammo tested ran perfectly through the SR9c. There were no failures or stoppages of any kind. Every cartridge tried fed, fired, and ejected flawlessly. Accuracy was very good firing upon paper silhouettes atClick pictures for a larger version. Ruger SR9C compact 9mm semi-auto pistol.


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